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Over the last decades, the Internet has revolutionized as good as every aspect of daily life – from communication to the way we access information, to how we shop. Unfortunately, it has also opened backdoors and loopholes for cyber criminality. To make things worse, many communities are faced with lost revenue and increases in operational costs, due to the pandemic and subsequent lockdown – with severe impacts on their budgets. 

TRINUS has been working with municipalities in Western Canada for many years. We understand the special importance of keeping a public institution well protected to keep the people in the community and their information safe – at a price that fits your budget. 

Read how we became the Managed Solution Provider of choice for Lac Ste. Anne County, by helping them with a major IT upgrade project. 

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While IT Security experts are doing their best to be a step ahead of the dark(web) side, the rapid changes in the way we work – brought along by the COVID-19 pandemic – create countless opportunities for cyber attacks: server communication via unprotected WIFI connections, employees working on private devices, or simple maintenance issues, like slow roll-out of updates in the home office, can increase the risk of a Security Breach significantly. 

Cyber Security involves many crucial aspects, like: hardware, software, server connections, backups, or safe remote setups. We want to contribute with our expertise and experience by offering cost- and commitment-free evaluations for municipalities, so you can keep your municipality protected from attacks and know exactly where you’re standing.  

What does an Evaluation look like? 

Our Security Experts analyze key performance indicators of your municipality’s IT environment and present their results and recommendations in an individualized report. And here's the best part: No costs. No commitment. Full transparency. 

To schedule an Evaluation or receive more information, please fill in the form below and our expert team will take it from there. 

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