Have you ever encountered the solution for a problem you didn't know you had? That's what TRINUS does for you: we create reliable IT Solutions to give you an overall stress-free IT experience - everything from IT Management to Security to Backup and Storage.


Our Services include:

  • Cloud Migration
  • Cyber Security
  • Managed IT Services
  • Backup & Disaster Recovery

We serve a variety of industries: from SMBs to Medical Clinics to Municipalities. We are aware how important a functioning IT and Cyber Security system is and strive every day to improve our products, in order to keep up with the rapidly-changing demands of IT.

TRINUS can help.

TRINUS is here to help you make the transition and ensure your business remains secure.

I don’t understand everything Office 365 is capable of. Can TRINUS help me use Office 365, so that I’m able to see more value from what I’m paying for?
Yes, TRINUS works with its clients every day, to ensure that they see the full return of their Office 365 investment.
I understand that technology is part of the solution. Can TRINUS help me with my business processes and practices to help me use technology more effectively?
Yes, TRINUS has the ability to perform Business Analysis and Transformation, to help grow your business by using technology in a more effective way.

Lost in Cyber-Space?